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A Year of Adapting

A Year of Adapting

2017 highlights:

  • started my blog and sharing my story with the world
  • earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology
  • ran two half-marathons with Team Momentum (in May and September)
  • enjoyed spending the summer working at a youth recreation program
  • completed 22 of the 26.2 miles of the Chicago Marathon in October
  • biked 57 miles in my favorite local bike event
  • spent a week volunteering at MDA Summer Camp with my favorite kiddos, for the 7th year in a row
  • joined a summer handcycling group for weekly rides (I loved handcycling!)
  • enjoyed a long weekend of camping with friends
  • started working part-time this fall to minimize back pain from sitting during work hours
  • attended a Rare Disease Advocacy Summit to learn more about advocacy efforts in my area
  • learned how to sit ski and classic ski from Paralympic coaches at a local clinic in December
  • signed up for another adaptive sports group to sit ski in 2018


Reading my list of 2017 highlights makes me excited to see what a big year 2017 was, but it also feels incomplete.  In between those accomplishments were many battles (both large and small) I fought in order to reach my goals. The list below isn’t necessarily what I want to remember 2017 by, but I can’t discredit the important part they played in helping me grow this year.

I also:

  • finished almost 9 months of initial PT for my spine stress fractures in April
  • started using a prescription pain medication daily, which has greatly improved my quality of life and activity level
  • developed tendinopathy in my forearm (brachioradialis tendinopathy)
  • completed 4 weeks of OT and Hand Therapy to reduce pain in my forearm + hands so I could type and write again
  • added additional finger and thumb splints as needed, to reduce hypermobility and increase hand strength
  • started using forearm crutches to relieve pressure/pain on my spine when standing and walking, which has been an amazing tool
  • had two minor GI procedures under anesthesia
  • injured my knee in June
  • spent 3 months recovering from knee injury at my favorite PT clinic
  • completed a round of antibiotics for non-specific inflammation in my large intestine
  • developed a secondary infection from the antibiotics and completed another course of medications to kick that infection
  • spent another 3 months at a new PT clinic focused on my spine pain with small improvements

Life with chronic illness is full of these lists – the “normal” things you do alongside the battles you fight to make those happen. EDS tags along on every adventure I have, but it doesn’t have to always take center stage. My body will always be prone to overuse injuries (just from existing) and is likely to continue developing early onset arthritis from repeated joint injuries. A few of my vertebrae will likely stay “functionally fractured” from lack of healing, low bone density and juvenile degeneration, and my knees are likely to continue to cause problems down the road.  These are the facts of my body, but I’m not willing to live contained by those boundaries.  It’s my job to understand the way my body functions, so that I can select goals and activities that work for me without ever saying “I can’t”, but instead “let’s see how I can make this happen.”

I’m most proud of myself for breaking out of my shell and getting involved with adaptive sports in 2017.  I used to feel like I never had “enough” of a disability or impairments to be able to benefit from adaptive sports. However, my local adaptive sports coordinator and program volunteers have never once made me feel like I didn’t belong. They have been so willing to learn about my limitations and adapt whatever equipment we were using to work with my body. It’s been such a freeing experience learning there are ways to participate in my favorite sports without hurting my joints or increasing injury risk.  Joining adaptive sports has taught me I have the power to be creative in adapting to and overcoming anything that gets in my way. It’s opened up a whole new world for me, and I’m excited to see where 2018 takes me.